Hangout with Jon Contino


In our last hangout we had to privilege to chat with Jon Contino, a prolific illustrator out of New York. Jon’s passion for his craft is clear as we talked about his origins, much of which he credits to his family. Jon’s been inspired by a long line of artists which he talks about as his role models. It’s inspiring to see how much Jon appreciates them. While Jon might have been destined to be a designer he shares with us his journey and at the end leaves his biggest advice with upcoming illustrators.

Jon resides in New York with his wife Erin and daughter Fiona where he works not only as a freelance illustrator, but also as Co-Founder and Creative Director of menswear brand CXXVI Clothing Company.

He is currently accepting new commissions. For all inquiries regarding consulting, speaking engagements, or workshops, please email for further information. You can catch up with Jon on Twitter and Hunie.